Live at the top
125 Greenwich Street offers an exclusive chance to see the city from a new perspective: your private sanctuary in the sky. On the top three floors is The 88, a first of its kind, 15,000-square-feet amenities space for residents, and a tranquil counterpoint to the hustle below. There, you can endlessly explore a suite of lifestyle experiences, each catering to your life at all hours. Swim daily—or nightly—laps in an infinity pool, train in the fully-equipped fitness center and yoga studio, entertain guests in the private dining room and soak up those captivating views—extending beyond the city limits—at every turn.
Floor 1
The entrance lobby is unforgettable: a lofty, triple-height ceiling space with a dazzling, bespoke chandelier. Walk across the white-grey swirl of Arabescato Carrara floors to the concierge — attended around the clock by a luxury service — who’ll arrange everything from mail delivery to event planning, or recline in the library and lounge area, complete with a blazing fireplace.
Floor 86
Prepare for private screenings whenever you please, in The 88’s own theater. Everything is better on the big screen, and with its plush chairs and intimate setting, you’ll enjoy the ultimate cinema experience without leaving the building.
Private Dining
Floor 86
Dine alone—or with a crowd—in The 88’s marvelously accoutred private dining room, ready for a seated party of ten, complete with a fireplace and catering kitchen. The surrounding neighborhood has an endless array of fine dining options, but now and then it’s satisfying to stay in for the evening, and admire the panoramic view.
Relaxation Lounge
Floor 86
Unwind whenever you please in a quiet space designed purely for rejuvenation—not only of the body, but the mind and soul. Soft, high-backed chairs look straight out to New York below, especially calming at sunrise and sunset.
The Sky Pool
Floor 87
Plunge into a pristine 50’ indoor lap pool, its perimeter lined with sleek chaise lounges. Mid-swim, you’ll look up to impossibly pleasing views: an expanse of marble climbing toward a 19'6" ceiling, or a view of Manhattan’s glistening cityscape, separated only by a sheet of glass. Whether it’s a quick dip or an intensive workout, The 88’s aquatic oasis is the place to refine your form.
Spa & Sauna
Floor 87
There’s no better way to escape the addictive frenzy on the ground than with a massage 80-plus levels above it. Simply book an appointment, and let an 88 therapist do the rest.
Fitness Center
Floor 88
Exercise up high. The 88’s fitness center, weight room and yoga studio are designed to accommodate a complete training experience, offering ample top-of-the-line equipment and 24-hour access. This is the kind of workout that actually fits around your schedule. Everything you need—down to a private training room—is an elevator ride from your front door.


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